while cleaning out my dads house I finally found this beauty here! I remember that I had played around with it when I was young, I never had the chance to get on air with it yet, but I sure will, soon.


Blithering Idiots!

If you have Methanol and you want the hydrogen out of it you are going to burn the Carbon! Question is: Why want anyone burn half of the precious fuel without using it?

That upgrade from wireguard-go to wg(4) went incredibly smooth. It actually was pkg_add -u and reboot! Awesome work

Holy Moly! I browsed through custom emojis administration tab and I honestly have to say: The block rules on this instance are not effective enough yet! 🙈 🙊 🙉

🤗 This Emoji somehow remembers me of some troll the facial expression does not fit though, fortunately.

As far as I am aware it is a dangerous clown, who never shuts up, never listens and if you ask him a question he tells you something completely different. He is currently head of Nr 25 of the most democratic states He is allowed to be on that desk by a minority of people who believe that racism is worth more than charity and who have the luck to live on a place where their opinion makes a bigger difference!

Did I get that right? I am from europe.

I just could walk along without noticing the similarities in those two photos:

Customers team wants me to join a Whatsapp group to stay in touch if something happens out of the line. 🤔

Me: "What about, No!?" 😎

git subgit now has a status command which goes through all subgit repositories and pints out status about forgotten files or changed remotes or branches


here is the repository to my new git subgit command, its all work in progress of course build.conesphere.com/conespher

I could not hold it anymore and wrote git subgit (useable as yadm subgit, too) which is much easier to use as submodules with 81+ different git projects cloned. It needs a bit more testing and a license.... I will release in a few days.

Waaahhh.... how can an awesome software like git have such an awful extension like submodule? I think I might go writing my own implementation, dealing with the problems of submodule is too time consuming!

Moria burns!!! it is so super sad! 😣🙄😥😥

wow! I just read about that electrum bug. just wow! 🙄

conesphere is back online! a harddisk died on friday morning and decided to take the storage with it. I will probably have to redesign that part as smaller volumes will probably load faster in and are less likely to fail.

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