The best way to protest against a vaccination mandate is to get vaccinated!

Hmmm, I found mz old Garmin GPSmap! AFAIR it could do up to 28 Hours and had a transreflective display, and it could be used with OSM Maps. I think I might encounter a few situations soon where that is useful again.

changing url 5 min one person.

organizing the demand to write time to: 5 persons 2h each.

This is really interesting considering that I made that photo at 19:00 in the evening when it was pitch dark, I am sure it can get even better because I am a jerk with gimp.

Which language should I use in my new outdoor peertube channel?

A happy new year everyone! 😎🎆🎇🙃

Five hours of searching for an e-mail to prove that I negotiated a higher rate than the headhunter was writing in the contract. It has a price....

by the way, assume I want to do some , is there a tool which I can use to manage/collect all the acceptances of the people appearing in my films? As ?

It schould print you a qr code for the production, which can be scanned, showing you a declaration where you can type in your name/mail solve a captcha and press an accept button.

What is you answer?

and again just when i sit down in the airplane i realize that i have to dl some music quickly before takeoff as i wont have any network in the air.

en route to palma, visiting my mum over christmas. That 3rd vaccination with mobile certificate comes in handy right now, no extra questions are being asked. 😎

Camera lesson learned today:

Maxing out light sensitivity on your GoPro makes your images bad!

I guess mostly the camera processor is injecting some background noise into the sensor. A sensitive setting is probably good if its dark, as it is an option to film, but it really reduces image quality if your black is captured as violet snowflakes.

First impressions of my new GoPro: the effectiveness of spare batteries is greatly reduced if you place them on your desk when you are out filming action.

I am finally convinced! Something exists, which is even worse than php!


People call it "java"!

My last cam was a cheap replica, together with a case rated for 40m depth, which then started leaking at 20m.

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