I had another "Why the F.... have they done that?" that I cant keep for myself:


BASEDIR="`dirname $0`"
cd - > /dev/null
"$DIR/something.sh" -main org.someclass "$@"

And now, todays evening fun:

gitlab-pages stopped working suddenly, one week after I initially managed to set it up. πŸ™„

And the best: it is running in an omnibus container so no systemd involved here. πŸ€”

after recently sold my phone number to an online marketing company (again) I started using "yet another call blocker" app which turns out to block calls resonably well.

there is a "lucia app" on f-droid! πŸ€”πŸ˜²

Today I learned that there are people prefering over because zoom is: "less complicated"!

I am very confused now about people and the meaning of "complicated". Nothing adds up!

I like it to see that the world slowly gets a bit better just 2 Years after my first complain about chmod 777 in runner here gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-r gitlab-runner finally gets a fix in 13.7 here: gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-r

I still think no should allow access to chmod 777 by default in the first place, those problems simply wouldn't happen!

Strange things today:

I needed a new kayak helmet, after digging through the shops I went for a Palm Shuck which was available in my size at exactly one shop but in blue, not my preferred black color. So I decided, blue is ok enough klicked for the blue and now the parcel service delivered a box labeled for a blue helmet, with a bill for a blue helmet containing the preferred black helmet. 😎

I am not complaining, but, how? πŸ€” 😎

I wonder if one can manage to roll an aerius II after i have seen some videos with other 2 seater kajaks.

It should keep unwanted callers in the loop for as long as possible without using up too much of my precious time, like those psychology chat robots do. πŸ€”

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Is there an android app that can play random mp5 in response to a caller, so that I can reroute a current call to that?

can some of the foss kernels please introduce a setting that denies access on all files and dirs with chmod 777 by default? ? ? please! I beg you!

I have a new favourite term: "Verfassungsschutzrelevante Delegitimierung des Staates"

I hope I got the translation right: "delegitimisation of the state that is relevant to the constitution"

Describes a class of extremism that you can't put into the known categories (right, left, islamic) so that the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution can monitor those extremists.

I received notice, that the new aerius II boat skin is shipped today! 😎

m.youtube.com/watch?v=B_oyrmoO wtf! that boat! that heeling!😎🀠good old kolibri is always good for surprises.

Remember it is always good to scramble your personal data.

From the actual wave of phone calls, I could social engineer more parts of the contact dataset I currently get calls from. It is actually the E-Mail from "a friend" combined with my phone number. Which means, now I can hunt the leak down!

That khard/mutt integration is only half way done. You can query a carddav addressbook, thats it, no "i have an address and want it in my addressbook" or "I got an invitation ICS and want in in my calendar so that my mobile phone can remind me"

I just came across this keyboard and it produces some sort of feeling. It looks like unicomp has taken a mini Model M into their program. 😍 😍

dah! I am sure we will talk about that easter kajak tour for years! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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