I have got a cheap cellar, a free 19" rack and a very cheap symetrical 1gb internet connection. any ideas what i should do with that? πŸ€”

hmmm i just learned about systemctl edit someservice how incredibly awesome!😎

when i read stackoverflow i am frequently thinking: "yeah that explained the problem! Can you now just write down the professional solution which does not fail on the next upgrade?" πŸ€”πŸ™„

πŸ€” what if I would have 9 intel core-2 boxes with 2gb memory and 320gb hdd left. would you pay me lets say 30 euro to bring them online, with, lets say openbsd on it? please leave different os in the comments! please boost....

is a security nightmare! you need at least 1 plugin to get access rights! and you schould fire up an external agent to build your projects and shut down the default master agent! and thats only what fits into one toot! πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜¨

I officially have no time left to deal with all the catastrophies in my life this and next week. 😨

This Airplane Internet has ping times about 800 ms UDP/VPN is working. you can buy different speed levels as needed.

wow this is my first flight where I can stay online! ✈️ 😎 and i have some β˜• too

It is 3:20 I am packing up my stuff. That flight plan is complete madness! β˜• 😴

today i have to write one of those damn tickets where you are not allowed to do anything wrong because it cant be corrected and has to be in time, and it will be damn big this time.

ooohh yeah if you start lxc-attach on fedora your shell does not have /bin in its path. which you moght notice as soon as the container is debian. πŸ™„

PS: I can strongly recommend those showers on the campsite! Location is on the camper area that zou can reach through Hall 2 in the middle of the campsite you turn right and go roughly one hall. The Campingsite desk is happy to receive 10 Euros per person.

Arrival postponed. I have an unforseen family matter here!

Did you know about the :terminal command? You can open a terminal within one of vim's windows, to do things.

good morning feediverse by the way, grab a and fasten we expect a bumpy ride!😁😎

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