Grrrr, I got a finding complaining about a weak (to short) password, that is ok

But publishing!! the password in the publicly available audit protocol? really?

WTF! πŸ™„

is starting! I am totally looking forward towing my through dry river beds through the upcoming week. And before you ask I am using that to get to the river. My already left last thursday.

I got a lift for my boat from to on friday. now comes the tricky part, how to pack stuff up in a way that i have one rucksack with water and sleeping bag and one bike to travel the pass from tarvis to on my own.

omg is remote agent insecure! I really have to talk to my customer again about

New features are in dev of :

* The ability to drop a volume when you restart/recreate a or
* Having your linted automatically on startup, podman-tools won't start insecure containers anymore.
* Having a tool to deal with secrets either remotely or local.

I still have to test it all through but it is in dev now for you to have a look:

oh really, i just discovered that element rpm packages from taw are not available anymore.

"I was not in kabarett for a while now. I have heared a group called _parliament_ is giving great shows each day!"

Hmmmm, weather forecast is calling for a video editing and repair weekend next weekend. πŸ€” β˜•

some first Impressions from the Weekend. meeting schwarzer falter im Schwarz. Of course I attended with my black Klepper T9 and a german scout tent also called although that coincidence was not intentional.

This is full as hell. But I luckily found a place to leave my boat cart with my T9 and the Gesa Sport I am bringing along for a friend.

With all those unused around i could try getting hold of one, placing it on my ground and literally make a wreck of a my .

I have to "go" to a meeting as in "walk to a room" it is so confusing!

It might not look like it but 1,6 meter long stickbags are so much easier to handle than 1,25 meter long ones.

I still think that that the 1,6 m stickbag of the T9 is more like a planning accident when I look at the model evolution of klepper and the fact that it is only two framepieces that are 1,6 m large.

Hope you have a nice weekend


I got mail! initial setup will wait until next week as I am about to leave for the weekend.

I am still not sure if that is a good idea or if an ironing patch would have been better. I will keep you updated.

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I may need to make a new avatar now as the boat is looking different.

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Last Day of my easter 😎😊

I learned that hungarian trains have stairs that are 10 cm longer than a klepper aerius stickpack. I also learned that some traindrivers don't care if you just load your kayak through an opened door and a tricky stair into a train, they just move it around a few meters.... πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ

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