One advantage of having my car sold is that I finally could order this incredibly genious piece of equitment!

It is self cleaning! If it holds its promise it is the one water filter for lazy people like me.

I have made a production slot payment for an hoping that it will be good!

can we please, once and for all, make unix deny access to chmod 0777 files by default? ? ?

I wonder what might be the better setup for video editing laptop 14 inch with dedicated gpu but regular thermals or 15 inch with builtin vega gpu but a 50 watt cooler for a 35 watts cpu. ?

Any thoughts? πŸ€”

Something very strange happened to me! I asked for an appointment at a administration for tomorrow, and I got one! This is starting to collapse!

if you are visiting your mum in , you can experience things! I just hope that no one was hurt by that fire!

I am currently integrating to our rpm repos.

One of our developers requested it.

I still wonder what its advantages over might be! πŸ€”

That Moment when you turn around after locking the door and you realize that your is missing. πŸ™„

And the moment of relieve when you realize that the street has a sight slope just big enough for the Oxelo to start rolling. πŸ˜… πŸ™ˆ πŸ™Š πŸ™‰

That new netavark stack which is replacing cni is looking incredibly awesome! At least stuff like assigning address ranges, ipv6 and communication between unpriviledged pods is working out of the box now.

I think i may need to incorporate some setup logic into podman-tools now.

OMG, I did not expect this sort of fake advertising on that page. πŸ™ˆ πŸ™Š πŸ™‰

Grrrr, I got a finding complaining about a weak (to short) password, that is ok

But publishing!! the password in the publicly available audit protocol? really?

WTF! πŸ™„

is starting! I am totally looking forward towing my through dry river beds through the upcoming week. And before you ask I am using that to get to the river. My already left last thursday.

I got a lift for my boat from to on friday. now comes the tricky part, how to pack stuff up in a way that i have one rucksack with water and sleeping bag and one bike to travel the pass from tarvis to on my own.

omg is remote agent insecure! I really have to talk to my customer again about

New features are in dev of :

* The ability to drop a volume when you restart/recreate a or
* Having your linted automatically on startup, podman-tools won't start insecure containers anymore.
* Having a tool to deal with secrets either remotely or local.

I still have to test it all through but it is in dev now for you to have a look:

oh really, i just discovered that element rpm packages from taw are not available anymore.

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