Here is the inside of those bags. It was a nice tour today except for the rain. I am still on an anual kajak club party in vienna.

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I must remember that setup. This looks like one that is reasonably balanced despite of having only 1.2m long pieces in the stig bag.

This moment when you find the first nazi propaganda on your feediverse platform somehow feels exactly like the first scratch in your new car/laptop/bicycle. 🤔

and here is the next one: let us improve the docker container of the matrix identity server mxisd, shall we?


Erster Gedanke: Könnte man da nicht relativ einfach fuer diese Wahlkampfhelfer die letztens aus dieser App Gepurzelt sind Briefwahl beantragen?

Zweiter Gedanke: Wie hinnig ist unser Wahlsystem eigentlich?

Ordering has to be learned, too!

Some month ago I received 2 project orders: 1st over 800 hours, the second over 823 hours with the sidenote that the first order gets invalidated by signing it. Of course the 823 hours ran low, so we started asking for an extra order.... Turns out, that the customer really wanted to order all 1623 hours in the first place. 🙈 🙊 🙉

I really need to lint docker files on execution, here is another one with bad permissions:

by the way, it makes sense to control the border if travelers are vaccinated. what makes absolutely no sense is to let fully packed trains pass through any border without further control.

The whole code should parse a set of config files but it turns out I need a set of options accessable via an associative array.

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Wow, I guess there really is no better way to return an associated array from a function or subshell in bash! 🙄

I should probably describe my project with: "Written im pure obfuscated Bash! Obfuscation is not intentional but its impossible to write pure Bash which is not obfuscated."

that spreadskirt ring turned out to be more complicated than expected. also my tools are not well sized but i guess its useable.

new spreadskirt is evolving.... why do i always buy such old things?

I guess I may have to learn to _Go_ in my ☕ break! I need to fix some things!

yeah hydra is definitely alive. openid login for nextcloud is implemented.

now some random cleanup and next app is gitlab probably!

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