I've a strage #wireguard problem on one of my hosts. #wg sends out UDP packages on port 0 and therefore answers also arrive on that port (AFAIK this is not really good practice). After all it fails to initiate an handshake with the server and retries endless even though I can clearly see incoming and outgoing packages on the client system and the endpoint is available 🤔 any clue how I could debug this further? #followerpower #help #softwareisstrange #networking

@zem Unfortunately it is not that easy. I can assure you that the config is correct even though I haven't posted it yet. However, I currently compile a new kernel any try it on another platform to exclude any incompatible versions/implementations


@sqozz my best f...ups so far: rotated number in the middle of a key. rotated number in the middle of a port. Did not work with Raspian Kernel. duplicate IP address.

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