Seriously considering to switch from #Cinnamon to #KDE for my productive needs. I still like #Cinnamon a lot but it lacks a proper display management tool and #KDE is much better suited for customization. But I'm a bit afraid of performance issues with future KDE releases as my #T430 isn't the most capable system around. Any thoughts?
#Linux #Manjaro

@CryptGoat I think the main reason fo this is that gnome3 has switched to wayland while cinnamon still keeps using xorg, and xorg just is not as good with monitors. One of my employes is using arandr on cinnamon as far as I am aware.

@zem Not sure if it's all #xorg's fault, since #KDEPlasma is still using xorg by default and it handles complex display setups so much better.


@CryptGoat I thought it hat already done the switch, I never stop learning. :) I am not sure if wayland is better in general as multiscreen management is part of each compositor, but wayland can handle multiple monitors having different dpi which xorg afaik can't.

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