"Your package is about to be delivered today!" πŸ‘

I am so excited! 😎 This must result in a catastrophe! πŸ€”


Definately a catastrophy! I definately did not expect the material to be that bad! πŸ™„

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@zem Oh. I see. So mending is an option, but certainly not the best one ...

@viennawriter Yes it is mend able, but I certainly will have to put more effort in it than anticipated to do it right. There are a few more cracks in the Hull already.

I am still not entirely sure what the best solution might be, single patches, using some PVC Paint or just welding a 700 gram hull over the existing one.

@viennawriter That welding on a new outer skin would either result in sth that dont break for the next 20+ years or it will fail spectacularily.

@zem It's a boat, right? So probably it will get the next cracks when sliding over sharp rocks in the water. I have no experience with boats, but would probably do both, mend the first layer with patches and put a second layer on top? But I'll be happy to learn, what is actually the best idea for that purpose.

@viennawriter Actually it seems that in this case the folding of the skin is the problem not rocks. I will work on that as well, there is a trick where the hull is not bended that hard. πŸ€”

But you are right those boats have to be driven with a hand width of water below the keel.πŸ‘

@viennawriter I sewed it together. Next step is to apply a patch once the heat gun arrives.

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