@selea Because they dont know about element/matrix probably!

@zem @selea

Element/Matrix isn't all bliss either. But sure, it's better than Signal


matrix is in my opinion the best compromise between digital souverenity, data security and useability at the moment.

matrix also has bridges, federation and multidevice capability. 😎


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@zem @selea

I know, but biggest fails of the system:

1 Forced encryption instead of optional. In areas with bad coverage messages gets corrupted and so not reliable.

2 Element, is still very buggy. Every update brings new and important stuff (confetti), but loses more important stuff, like seeing if someone logs on in a room.

I rely more on that my messages get delivered than totally secure and unreadable (read encrypted but not decrypted)


Regarding the element thing, if someone joined a room.
This is now a setting, that you can enable actually :)


@selea @zem

Show member stat events......yeah, about that. It isnt working at the non-beta. Since the last confetti update it stopped working. Not very convinient for moderating.

And yes, there are other Android clients, Element is atm really the best.

BTW it isnt all negative, i love matrix, i love the rooms, i love chatting on it. But i am on the network about 18 months at the moment and it has it ups and downs. The user experience needs a lot of polishing.

@zem @selea

btw Signal is much worse, I found out that it can be very unreliable. There was a problem with a sms server and Signal trashed all messages. Also I found out that erasing a (unsecure) messages in Signal doesn't always erase the message and can be restored by installing another sms app.

@WandelStock @zem @selea That's definitely a big bug; but if someone who's really motivated to view deleted messages happens to have access to your phone, I find it highly likely that this person also knows a thing or two about storage forensics anyway; so does it _really_ matter?

@fcktheworld587 @zem @selea

To me matters if a application says it deletes something but it doesn't , i find that at least misinformative.

@zem @WandelStock @selea what do you mean with "usability"? It's not ready for populus, heck, it's not ready for nerds like me to "just use", which places it below #IRC on my scale.

Also, #IRC has bridges, is federated, etc, etc.

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