I used the beautiful weather today to test-drive my new boat!

It is a Klepper T9 with a new hull.

If packed up those kajaks can be carried on a boat trailer in public transport.

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The tour ended at a wall... time to tear down. The worst is to fix the hull to the washboard as the temperatures stiff out the material.

The boat took a little bit to much water even for the weather conditions. probably another small puncture or bad glue. buy cheap, buy twice 😉 .

Those Klepper boat trailers (the old ones with feather suspension and ball bearing) are worth gold.

My dad refitted this one with 8 1/2 x 2 1/4 tube tires including a different rims (I think from a children carry or so), a mod which was common 50 years ago. Those trailers originally came with slim full rubber tires, I have both versions at hand, the tube tire refit is the better option when you carry your gear with it.

@zem That's amazing. I'd love to see how it's assembled to fit that small carriage.

Where did you find the boat?

@rostiger I will make a separate video on how to set it up, it is a 20 minutes origami: here is a video of a newer Klepper boat to give you an idea:

And a picture of my boats frame. I found that boat in a German small ads portal. If you plan to buy one used: always look at the skin (history, material etc)

@rostiger I found another one which I think is good value:

I am not married or know that guy but I think the sell has good value. Possible drawbacks: old cotton (but that still looks very good), hardened original rubber at the washboard connection (which is not a problem, just cosmetic), no rudder as the boat has not connection for a rudder. Pro: a watertight sprayskirt, and a better backrest config than most other folding boats.

@rostiger sounds like you might be in on the next Marchfeldkanal, or Hainburg tour. I also have plans for Salza and Enns in the loop.

There are Covid Tests available at drug stores for 10-14 Euros.

@zem Great day for a boat ride! (I'm being serious!)

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