Follow wtf! that boat! that heeling!😎🤠good old kolibri is always good for surprises.

@crossgolf_rebel If it heels much more, water will get in i guess.

It is amazing what those Kolibris can do. They are only 4.5 meters long (a bit to short for a 2 seater) which means the construction could be done with 5 ribs reducing package size and weight together with thin skin to one package. They are available for around 500 in good used condition.

Actually, this folding boat is a two-seater and the construction is amazing. The weight of the load is borne by the water, but the strain is quite heavy. Theoretically, there is still a cover so that no splashing water can get into the boat from above.

@crossgolf_rebel The construction has its downsides, it bends heavily once you take it out of the water. The waschboard is too low and the seats are located too narrow to each other. And the skin is not very thick, even if it is durable.

To me this boat is somewehre between fascinating and ugly. But you are totally right it is an amazing construction, with details like the rudder footrest out of a PVC strip. And the rudder cables from Nylon rope and adjusters that you normally find on tents.

@zem I believe that the designers did not focus on beauty but on practical value.
In addition, the variability, so that the boat is versatile and can also be used for different body sizes. A compromise that has worked for many years

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