Is there an android app that can play random mp5 in response to a caller, so that I can reroute a current call to that?

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It should keep unwanted callers in the loop for as long as possible without using up too much of my precious time, like those psychology chat robots do. 🤔

@K0nrad Those calls are a marketing strategy: 1st evil person marketing a product buys a dataset from another 2nd evil person selling that dataset. 1st evil person hires a callcenter calling every number on that dataset trying to market a product. That only works if you have a certain success rate, meaning you have to make enough deals to pay the callcenter and the 2nd evil person and some leftover.....

@K0nrad My Strategy is: First social engineer 2nd evil person and stop making deals with it that works well by inserting faults in the originating dataset. Second, making those calls as expensive as possible, so that less and less deals can be made. Thats why I say it should keep callers in the line. ;-)

@ripper @zem thank you for calling, let me play you the song of my people.

I did mean mp3 but my fingers are lacking elegance, too.

@zem I thought so, since an app controlled gun would be slightly worrying. ;)

I am perfectly happy if such an app is making callcenters work on illegal data as expensive as possible.

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