Ich finde, wir sollte sprachlich besser zwischen Impfgegner:innen und Impfpflichtgegner:innen unterscheiden.

Grund: Ich denke, es gibt gute Argumente gegen eine allgemeine Impf*pflicht*. Aber die Gefahr, mit querschwurbelnden irrationalen Impfgegner:innen assoziiert (und entsprechend sozial sanktioniert) zu werden, ist eine massive mentale Hürde diese zu äußern.

#Diskurspolarisierung hilft nicht bei schwierigen Entscheidungsproblemen.

Venn-Diagramme vllt. schon eher..


@cark under normal circumstances I would be with you!

But, we failed last summer and the problem is: we need 90% vaccinated people!

next summer:

- We can try harder to convince the rest of that 90% by some random measures.

- We can try harder to convince the rest of that 90% by some random measures and by vaccination mandates.

- We can let covid just do its thing.

The choice is to pick the one with the highest success chance and fix its problems as good as we can.



I am not convinced that we "need 90%". Covid will likely not go away even then. Because current vaccination work not as good as initially hoped.

I think we should try harder to convince people e.g. by increasing funding for *reliable* and *verifiable* science communication and mandatory counseling.

But "forcing" people to be vaccinated against their will is imho not a "success" because it threatens peaceful and liberal society in the long run.



@cark it was never about making covid "go away" it is about bringing it to a so called "endemic state" that does not overload our healthcare system.

There are some very interesting papers from RKI out there, but you can calculate those 90% on your own with simple school math (and some error margin) if you relate ratio of vacced/unvacced patients in any hospital with the current vaccination rates.

I did not rule out the convincing part, but that is not enough. We tried!

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@cark this one is interesting. It is a recent graph from salzburg. As far as I read this, the red line is caused by 30 % unvaccinated people, and the green line is caused by the 70 % vaccinated people.

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