This is really interesting considering that I made that photo at 19:00 in the evening when it was pitch dark, I am sure it can get even better because I am a jerk with gimp.

I found this on Saturday.

Unfortunately everything that should have been in the skin package is missing like ribs the seat and the aluminium spread skirt mount and the skin itself.

I am thinking for days how and if I might be able to rebuild ribs and seat to get it on the water again.

Unfortunately it is not one of those GESA eski's I am looking for but the slalom 58 model, and it is also not yet finally mine.

Here is the inside of those bags. It was a nice tour today except for the rain. I am still on an anual kajak club party in vienna.

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I must remember that setup. This looks like one that is reasonably balanced despite of having only 1.2m long pieces in the stig bag.

Wow, I guess there really is no better way to return an associated array from a function or subshell in bash! πŸ™„

I should probably describe my project with: "Written im pure obfuscated Bash! Obfuscation is not intentional but its impossible to write pure Bash which is not obfuscated."

that spreadskirt ring turned out to be more complicated than expected. also my tools are not well sized but i guess its useable.

new spreadskirt is evolving.... why do i always buy such old things?

I received notice, that the new aerius II boat skin is shipped today! 😎

I just came across this keyboard and it produces some sort of feeling. It looks like unicomp has taken a mini Model M into their program. 😍 😍

dah! I am sure we will talk about that easter kajak tour for years! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

ah! that white stuff might explain those freezing temperatures after it stopped raining this night.

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