Has anyone of you succeeded in mounting this bicycle trailer mount on the trailer shown in the upper right photo as advertised? It looks a bit complicated! πŸ€” πŸ˜‚

Damn! I bought another one! It is a two seater. The skin is gone but price and frame was in a range where ordering a brand new exchange skin makes sense.

Those Klepper boat trailers (the old ones with feather suspension and ball bearing) are worth gold.

My dad refitted this one with 8 1/2 x 2 1/4 tube tires including a different rims (I think from a children carry or so), a mod which was common 50 years ago. Those trailers originally came with slim full rubber tires, I have both versions at hand, the tube tire refit is the better option when you carry your gear with it.

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The boat took a little bit to much water even for the weather conditions. probably another small puncture or bad glue. buy cheap, buy twice πŸ˜‰ .

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The tour ended at a wall... time to tear down. The worst is to fix the hull to the washboard as the temperatures stiff out the material.

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I used the beautiful weather today to test-drive my new boat!

It is a Klepper T9 with a new hull.

If packed up those kajaks can be carried on a boat trailer in public transport.

Definately a catastrophy! I definately did not expect the material to be that bad! πŸ™„

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Here is a full pic.

New tires have been ordered! My dad did the convertion from the original all rubber tires to tube tires on baby carriage rims, but I cant remember that the tires where ever changed after the refit.

The other thing I ordered is also on its way, guesses are still welcome!

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Anyone else but me who knows what that thing is and what it might have to do with my 2021 good resolutions? 😎 🀩 hint: its wheels are not on the photo!

Phew! This is such a moment when your stomach hurts badly. A moment when you realize that it was the right decision to forbid TCP/80 on all gitlab-runner boxes, and the question starts to think in: "Who else might be accidentally pulling libraries for @cryptpad via http because of insane git defaults?"

image-tool can now crawl through all your pod/container definitions, look which one is running, looks for any upgrades, and apply those.


- It starts containers.
- It can rebuild custom extensions automatically on start.
- It makes up to three backups of older container images, in case you have to investigate a filesystem.

TODO: test out the feature to link admin tools like psql to the user.
TODO: provide an auto update function, which checks all running containers for new images.
TODO: test the option to provide .env files with environment vatiables.

while cleaning out my dads house I finally found this beauty here! I remember that I had played around with it when I was young, I never had the chance to get on air with it yet, but I sure will, soon.

@isolategab I suspended yggdrasil.social on my sites. Reason in one Picture...

Holy Moly! I browsed through custom emojis administration tab and I honestly have to say: The block rules on this instance are not effective enough yet! πŸ™ˆ πŸ™Š πŸ™‰

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