Oh, the Lenovo P series has some new units. a P14s AMD with FullHD + ePrivacy screen. Except for the lack of system memory, nice.

@hund I am glad that this is not an issue with the swedish layout.

On the german keyboard of the 450 < > and | are missing (all located on a small key between the left shift and z (which is y in german). This would have been perfectly solveable by key relocation (hp spectre line did that)

@hund I love the fact that coreboot is available for the 440 series though. 😎

@hund The 440 was in my opinion the worst thinkpad ever. Those rubbered mouse buttons have an absolutely sad feeling, and if i remember correctly they are hardwired to the touchpad not the trackpoint, so no buttons with deactivated touchpad.

They also had some keys missing in Native Language Layouts in 450 series and i am quite sure that applies to 440 as well.

I it is probably best if you do the think of which you know is working, as it is how to avoid creepy software.
@technicallypossible @imke @diritschka

In this speech, one of German's far right politicians is complaining about the refined infection protection act and that the parliamentarians "... voted for a law which opens the door to democracy!" πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜…


ps: as funny and true as this is: Please don't give power to people who want to take away your power to give them power or to complain about them.

@technicallypossible @nemo @imke @diritschka would you like to write some sort of howto so that others might get an idea how to do the same thing?

charge controller and battery. 😎 having a 12v power supply for your laptop might also be a thing.

@luto That Text shows a planned maintenance of wko.at. Maintenance is the thing you are typically doing from time to time to prevent things from failing in bad situations. β˜• πŸ€” Or did I get sth. wrong?

@KBoesefeldt aahhhh telegram vs signal! Why is it that people always try to cast out devils by Beelzebub?

can't we make a compromise? that sounds scary!

@swaggboi @claudiom
The Idea is to protect my device from executing software which tracks down my disk passphrase.

Secure Boot should have 2 modes, open and locked.

1st I want to my os in open mode on my hardware. (implemented)
2nd Add my Distributions publickey into the BIOS. (there is no key)
3rd Lock the BIOS down.

Now the only thing that can be booted is a kernel and initrd signed by my os package build system.

@claudiom My biggest problem with secure boot is that it has such a bad reputation that none of the foss os is implementing is properly! Which means I cant roll out Linux or BSD + Secureboot on a large scale without writing my own distro.

The device ownership has to remain free of course.

@Haydar Raise your suffering money and look for a job in Open Source.

I do know a company specialized in providing an almost fully foss based office IT Infrastructure to its customers.

All right its official! The German Party DiePARTEI now has its first member in the german parliament! Finally someone is doing some serious politics 😎 β˜• πŸ˜‹ youtube.com/watch?v=VmLenjQMbt

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