oh, thats an idea for the next rc3 congress! a terminal connecting you to a mud!

@khaos @nemo at least origin of that photo is a site named "longest train station sign in the world" 😎

@nemo wow I never heard of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch it is even shortened on osm and google maps as it seems.

And I guess it is pronounced in welsh which is why it is not possible to pronounce that in English.

Any native speakers around?

This moment when I realize: I have to clean up my apartment. It is now!

the compilet runs out of memory while compiling firefox

@fuesstest @Hughenknubbel

I have not done it for a while now, but having to do it 100+ times is a hard thing to do. For the moment my company is charging a bit of labor work when setting up phones.

You want encryption on your phone! You want to have a proper encryption password. (the one from the Screensaver is not strong enough) that said including flashing it takes us roughly 4 hours per phone at the moment.

@fuesstest @Hughenknubbel the problem still is the manual setup part of the phone. The nearest thing we got yet is having an Image with all the necessary apps installed but setting them up still is a pain, especially because it is not just nextcloud but also SMS/DAVx/K9Mail and all of this needs credentials.

Cite of the day from my favorite kayak skin manufacturer: "I am doing this since 2004 and no one has ever requested a standing seam!" 🤣 🤣 🤣 He is going to check it out and I know at least one other guy who can definitely produce standing seams. 😎

@fabsh Uhmmmmm,

Do you have a TPM_whateverversion module? is it activated?

Have you sacrificed enough personal data before you attemted the the installation to keep the shareholders happy?

@othermo Wenn ihr Hilfe bei FOSS Business Lösungen braucht, zum Beispiel wenn es um Benutzerverwaltung/Policy Management, Workstationverwaltung, VPN, Nextcloud oder einem eigenen Virtualisierungscluster geht, meine Firma hilft gerne aus! Einfach Fragen.

i am mostly stuck to what openpgp smartcards provide me.

Austrian politics 

I wonder, what might have been the questions and answers in those 2016 public opinion polls ordered and paid by the Austrian government?

"Who would you vote at the next election?"

"Sorry for each party not mentioned there are only 4 fields allowed on this instance. The results will released soon."

@lydschi It is interesting is that so many people still think that the lawsuit is about miss phrased chat messages.

I was very late in that realization, too.

In the end to everyone who did not know yet: The thing is about using Tax money for an election campaign!

It is the right choice of the greens until the lawsuit is settled!

Please note that in 2019 37% _actively_ and _knowingly_ voted for a far right, corrupted government, and for 16% that government was not right and corrupted enough. Only 13% voted green.

What do you think will happen if the greens will cancel their work with övp? new elections? I don't think so!

I don't like the current coalition from the beginning, but I can't see any alternative but to continue at the moment.

Using gender neutral speech is a well known strategy and my favorite strategy, too. If possible.

wow, you are in a well developed area of germany where the internet is already using sata in favour of parallel ide!

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