when the red light goes out for the first time, the ofen is preheated.

One advantage of having my car sold is that I finally could order this incredibly genious piece of equitment!

It is self cleaning! If it holds its promise it is the one water filter for lazy people like me.

I have made a production slot payment for an hoping that it will be good!

I am sure they will exchange those with a bunch of fuel burners, this is the sensible way to do if your goal is to heat up your environment.

and I still have to emphasize: This actually is Windows Subsystem for ! it has no in it!

can we please, once and for all, make unix deny access to chmod 0777 files by default? ? ?


That "the earth" logo with the small No drive here pixel in the lower left corner is somewhat counter intuitive. Also it might be exchanged soon by a more confusing design.

I have experienced Rain! It reminded me of 2021.

and please make us night trains with bicycle and luggage compartments!

I wonder what might be the better setup for video editing laptop 14 inch with dedicated gpu but regular thermals or 15 inch with builtin vega gpu but a 50 watt cooler for a 35 watts cpu. ?

Any thoughts? 🤔

my first thought is dbus notification service assuming that users are using a desktop that supports that.

I am not entirely surprised, almost every 4th person did not know that on election day, too, I would say.

Reminds me on that greenfell tower fire a few years ago in london.

wtf! am I the noly one who is not sure what actually means?

i wonder if there is a teams/matrix bridge out there maybe.

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