there are things like troff for presentations. I bet someone who notices the difference will applaude you for your bravity

@kgerloff Best excuse is writing more documents if emacs is your thing. It is sad that it could not handle my daily workflow so efficiently I stopped using it after a brief period of trying.

Is that document you are referring to wildly known as ~/.emacs.el by any means? 🤔🙃

Why do you drive to work with a car when you have a motorbike?

is better than . Which was not hard, teams still is bad. That said, I usually get a company branded laptop from my customers, install and log on to the nearest box in the network to do my .

multimonitor support of gnome isn't good it still lacks independed desktops! However it is better with wayland gnome, but only until bbb comes around and requires xorg security holes for its screenshare.

Probably writing your thing isn't such a bad idea.

New features are in dev of :

* The ability to drop a volume when you restart/recreate a or
* Having your linted automatically on startup, podman-tools won't start insecure containers anymore.
* Having a tool to deal with secrets either remotely or local.

I still have to test it all through but it is in dev now for you to have a look:


And we give those people force with our votes damn!

That is the point. A lot of people want resorts. It explains the market for tourist resorts. The other problem is: If you release all those masses into nature, it will have an impact on nature, too, so it is not as easy.

oh really, i just discovered that element rpm packages from taw are not available anymore.

"Bitte zurücktreten an der Bahnsteigkante, der letzte Wagen schleudert!"

teams is incredibly performance hungry. I do use bbb whenever I can.

@kgerloff The reason why I avoided Train travel for a long time was that it was more expensive than my car, as long as I ignore maintainance and Insurance costs. This has changed in recent years. I still think fuel is way too cheap!

it is in the container. you can try to docker mount or docker exec in to have a look.

you can also try building an entrypoint script modifying config.js of course. or placing config.js on a volume.

the whole thing can be launched and upgrades via podman-tools (git.conesphere.cloud/conespher) and podman. I am sure it can be done via docker-compose too but that lacks elegance.

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