@linuzifer My sister is waiting for her 3rd vaccination by the way!

The decision not to vaccinate people below 60 years included those that already got their first shot. What a complete idiotic waste! πŸ™ˆ πŸ™Š πŸ™‰

@K0nrad My Strategy is: First social engineer 2nd evil person and stop making deals with it that works well by inserting faults in the originating dataset. Second, making those calls as expensive as possible, so that less and less deals can be made. Thats why I say it should keep callers in the line. ;-)

@K0nrad Those calls are a marketing strategy: 1st evil person marketing a product buys a dataset from another 2nd evil person selling that dataset. 1st evil person hires a callcenter calling every number on that dataset trying to market a product. That only works if you have a certain success rate, meaning you have to make enough deals to pay the callcenter and the 2nd evil person and some leftover.....

I am perfectly happy if such an app is making callcenters work on illegal data as expensive as possible.

I did mean mp3 but my fingers are lacking elegance, too.

It should keep unwanted callers in the loop for as long as possible without using up too much of my precious time, like those psychology chat robots do. πŸ€”

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Is there an android app that can play random mp5 in response to a caller, so that I can reroute a current call to that?

@georgespolitzer I sure am the 1000 person recommending a password manager like a safely stored paper, or keepass or password-store on a trusted device for all your accounts. Am I?

@cccs That sounds really expensive in the end.

it is listed as supported device, am i missing something?

can some of the foss kernels please introduce a setting that denies access on all files and dirs with chmod 777 by default? ? ? please! I beg you!

you forgot to list the following: git commits, ssh logon, password manager, backups, software packages πŸ˜‰

I have a new favourite term: "Verfassungsschutzrelevante Delegitimierung des Staates"

I hope I got the translation right: "delegitimisation of the state that is relevant to the constitution"

Describes a class of extremism that you can't put into the known categories (right, left, islamic) so that the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution can monitor those extremists.

not exactly, it is more like there is a nice tailor in poland called magaret specialized in making custom skins for basically all the historical frames you can get. a skin costs roughly around 1000 per boat. i got my aerius 2 for 200 with a reasonably good frame. if you are german gorwa.de is a good address, they are related so gorwa is doing german tounge CRM for magaret.

@crossgolf_rebel The construction has its downsides, it bends heavily once you take it out of the water. The waschboard is too low and the seats are located too narrow to each other. And the skin is not very thick, even if it is durable.

To me this boat is somewehre between fascinating and ugly. But you are totally right it is an amazing construction, with details like the rudder footrest out of a PVC strip. And the rudder cables from Nylon rope and adjusters that you normally find on tents.

@crossgolf_rebel If it heels much more, water will get in i guess.

It is amazing what those Kolibris can do. They are only 4.5 meters long (a bit to short for a 2 seater) which means the construction could be done with 5 ribs reducing package size and weight together with thin skin to one package. They are available for around 500 in good used condition.

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