of the day: youtube.com/watch?v=w8OwPPmBaA minute 5: Why is the DeutscheBank having a stock of Masks left over from the last Corona crisis? It is a Bank why did they stockpile those Masks for 17 Years?

todays fuckup list has some amazing points: physical stacking allways needs two ports! and some switches deliberately require you to safe the config.πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ˜¨

There are non german speaking followers in this feediverse!

The data is there and it only needs one crisis to abuse it!

yeah it is complete shit, what people want is "webdav support" what they get is "complete shit" like google support or dropbox support!

as for the stack: it is running ovirt mostly, with a variety of client os on top. so press thumbs that throwing in some faster network cards will not cause any downtime at all.

no not at home, my "datacenter" is actually a colocated pair of racks. πŸ€”πŸ˜but we are in fact currently building a small datacenter in the office, too. 😎 mainly for research purposes.

more speed for my on a budget! here it comes! i still have storage at 1 gbit. will be modified to 10gbit this weekend.

@favstarmafia @wolf 1 to 1 connection are handled via TOX recently well, but you have to use an app in order to do that. jitsi is fine at the moment.

as both are using point to point streams, not that many farms are needed. my worst concern is upgradeability of all those instances that are getting installed at the moment.

I do like people who have brilliant ideas out of nothing!

it basically contains a pod-tool and a container-tool that both look for a set of config files and create the containers. it is intended to be a no brainer in the end, you want a service, you start one! doku is still shitty though but will improve!

we are using password store (aka pass) in combination with yubikey openpgp smartcards synced via git in our team. 😎😎

Back to something more relaxing....

Question: Which language shall I write my podman container startup and management system in? 😎 β˜• πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

@MacLemon D-Link 1510-28X tbh it does not look worse than anticipated for its price.
It even looks as if I can somehow ssh on it or even do rs232 and upload as config as txt file.

It even has a password encryption mode which i can configure that is default disabled! Why is it disabled? why is that even a question? β˜• πŸ™„

es waehre ein Anfang wenn die krankenkassen auch bei selbststaendigen verdienstbasiert abrechnen wuerden. so vorab und dann mit der einkommenssteuer korrigieren oder so.

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