Industry will sure pay all maintainance costs because they are responsible for cleanup anyway as usual, i am totally sure they considered disposal costs when they made their initial calculations. πŸ€”

@GambaJo Finding a storage site for atomic waste is incredibly simple. You need a bit of space to build a storage hall, then you put in the waste there. Then you build a storage hall next to the first hall, before the first hall starts collapsing you move over the waste to the new hall, repeat the process for at least a few hundred years....

A "final" atomic waste storage can only work if it has the option to easily recover all of the waste in case you have been misjudged!

@clerie I have seen one recently flickering over my screens, bit forgot the name unfortunately.

@solene I would consider using sr.ht or build.conesphere.com for the fork in favour of github. πŸ€” 😎

@kattascha The more context I get from those snippets the more disturbing it is! πŸ™„

@stux It can't be that big from Luna, except someone comes with a brilliant effect, it is more likely titan.

@birne @mono That ransomeware thing depends ... if all the storage is located on a filer with cow filesystem it probably won't stay a chance. The biggest issue with Linux vs Windows is that almost no one knows how to build working office networks with Linux.

yeah, multiple hundreds, surprise: bka for example has 5000+ workers, we have 14 % far right people in society (according to the last votes) that makes probably less than 700 far right within the bka alone. (statistically speaking). this is definately to much and needs to be adressed properly!

fedora and fedora silverblue are still good options in favor over ubuntu. ;)

@mcc @neauoire As long as user experience is a thing. I recently build a module called subgit to handle my 81+ sub git repositories. just because spending 60minutes each day in resolving submodule conflicts was too much for me. I honestly hate submodules, not the idea, the implementation!

@leah What about Bielefeld in favour of Cloud? Neither of them exists anyway as far as I am aware, Bielefeld is a myth and a Cloud is a bunch of other peoples computers! πŸ€” πŸ˜‰

@mcc @neauoire Submodules are a pain! I wonder how such a brilliant and easy to use software as git can integrate something as horrible to use as submodules!

@Haydar My company is working on a fully OpenSource Office Services Environment, which is as a matter of fact it not as easy as it sounds, at least not if you do operate down to bare metal.

it was my first thought exactly: it has to be something insanely stupid they came up with!

@ripper That was my first question, too! πŸ˜‚ 🀣

@mupan @padeluun according to wikipedia they hunted down for everything they could get. I would perfectly do that if I where police. I don't think PFS actually works in reality.

@mupan @padeluun

Oh EncroChat was End to End encryption with OTR and Plausible denieability and all that stuff AFAIR. At least according to the Wikipedia Article.

The Police actually hijacked the central communication server, for several month πŸ™„, undiscovered. They used it to send trojans to the mobile phones which then catched messages and cryprographic keys.

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