@famedly gitlab.com/famedly Thats more like it, Thanks I will definately closely follow the project! 😎

@famedly and I sadly have to say, there is absolutely no real Information on that Webpage! Please provide more Information! I need License Agreements, Whitepapers, Source Code, Bug Tracker, Download options for the Apps. User Manuals. Have you checked the solution by professionals? Because it is not exactly easy to do so and Matrix has some drawbacks, I am willing to admit.

@famedly I am dropping my pants (aka enabling JS) to have a look, sounds interesting.

@lynne in general git should check more intensively if the signatures match. But that means as a consequence: no rebase, only occasional changes of the log, if you already have pushed it should be over or must be merged. After all the intension of a signature is that you cant alter GITs history.

violence webdeveolpment 

@ky0ko The best part is: It just happens if you start putting random stuff together.

@darkstar It worked so amazingly easy that I probably won't bother fixing up the installers and just create a bunch of template images.

@darkstar It is an existing image which already runs on the old server with libvirtd/kvm. I modified /etc/default/grub, (tested with virt-manager serial console) and copied the .qcow2 image to the replacement server.

my opinion to 37c3: how the hell should that work out during corona? it is too big! it provides too many possibilities to get an infection. But hacking is mostly about being fascinated and having ideas.... so we will see!

@ky0ko It is somewhat fortunate that graphics cards don't fall under the corona travel ban I guess.

@metalab Do you already have a cooler? I have one of those Noctua Low Profile coolers leftover if I remember right.

this VM is using 45 M of memory which is half of what it used before I copied it over, I should probably consider serial consoles as space saver in my other cloud/virtual setups, too. πŸ€”

@moshboy looks like Cem Tezcan was also inspired by the Epson HX-20 when I look at that device. 😎

I definitely need faster internet, 2.6 MB/s while pushing a small Virtual disc on a server is no fun. πŸ€” β˜•

bbb actually is around for a while now. as a matter of fact, you have to install it on ubuntu xenial which is 2 releases ( 2 years ) old. looks like this crisis has just created the need for it.

@nin Is it alive? Does it have feets? Can it program in cobol if it looses a bet? πŸ€”

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