@Sucher @SheDrivesMobility I am perfectly happy with AST calling Taxis at a reasonable flat rated price, however it must be possible to get some luggage hauled.

As long as I have to discuss with the bus driver if I can or can't take my Bike or Kajak or whatever with me in the bus, people wont stop using private transport.

And it also wont stop if it does not get possible to buy services europe wide.

The best way to protest against a vaccination mandate is to get vaccinated!

@claudiom than the Fedora laptop it is. Feature wise. The smaller form factor and OpenBSD is nice to have.

@claudiom can the openbsd laptop do everything you need?

@calculsoberic @tixie @schratze In private I would definately continue using LaTeX as I am used to it. However, if you want to show off you might want to use troff written with ed instead. If your workload is more of smaller business letters it is probably libreoffice or onlyoffice, and if it is a wiki/blog/documentation, markdown or asciidoc are nice.

@benjancewicz number of cases or number of cases per million people? But it is high definately.


@cark this one is interesting. It is a recent graph from salzburg. As far as I read this, the red line is caused by 30 % unvaccinated people, and the green line is caused by the 70 % vaccinated people.

@phel @senfcall Who is considering that? I mean this is as crazy as signing up for signal without buying a donor sim first. πŸ€” 🀣 πŸ™ˆ πŸ™Š πŸ™‰


@cark it was never about making covid "go away" it is about bringing it to a so called "endemic state" that does not overload our healthcare system.

There are some very interesting papers from RKI out there, but you can calculate those 90% on your own with simple school math (and some error margin) if you relate ratio of vacced/unvacced patients in any hospital with the current vaccination rates.

I did not rule out the convincing part, but that is not enough. We tried!


@cark And criticism on vaccination mandates is needed especially to be able to regulate its edge cases well and to figure out if the decision is right, and you are definitely not alone with that.


@cark under normal circumstances I would be with you!

But, we failed last summer and the problem is: we need 90% vaccinated people!

next summer:

- We can try harder to convince the rest of that 90% by some random measures.

- We can try harder to convince the rest of that 90% by some random measures and by vaccination mandates.

- We can let covid just do its thing.

The choice is to pick the one with the highest success chance and fix its problems as good as we can.

@phel @senfcall How can a zoom client that is properly installed in its container vm, be more ressource friendly than a browser that is already running?

Unless you are completely crazy and run that client without any protection.

Hmmm, I found mz old Garmin GPSmap! AFAIR it could do up to 28 Hours and had a transreflective display, and it could be used with OSM Maps. I think I might encounter a few situations soon where that is useful again.

changing url 5 min one person.

organizing the demand to write time to: 5 persons 2h each.

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