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I am not entirely sure if that growing in grounds will survive but it is worth a try! 😁😎

only one week of customers project work left this year! 😎 after that i have to clean up my life!

when you are in your favorite irc channel and 9 out of 10 support questions are regarding problems caused by infrastructure you probably realize that hyperconverged infrastructure is the greatest in terms of industry has figured out lately! πŸ™„

on route to the next . it turns out, having a company and manufacturing a product is incredibly hard and time intensive!

back to something more funny than scary .πŸ™„πŸ˜¨ lets do some . 😎😁

is anyone else applying for camper tickets on the is it a regular thing that you have to apply via waitinglist or where they sold out already after 20 seconds?

does anyone have an idea how i can use a credential in a freestyle project? documentation is telling me nothing about it!

i am translating my talk Why GnuPG vs Signal is like Apple and Intelligent Lightbulbs intgo english. The title gets less catchy but its content gets better.

Is anyone near vienna in accounting and office work and looking for a new challange? pse contact me.

Good morning. and good to be back! I had a small outage here. after performing node upgrade the ovn networking provider stopped service.

pro tip when you land in airport avoid all those green cat train ticket terminals, where u can buy tickets for whopping 12 euro for a train that is slotted two times in an hour. i am now sitting in a railjet with a 1.8 eur regular price ticket. (4.sth) if you need a core zone ticket, too. had to wait 5 min.

phew, excel is some crazy counterintuitive s.... ! we have a vacation planner and as soon as you do copy and paste of one Away cell it pastes an object which you probably dont realize if you dont click on it. it turns out that this object shows up randomly in someone elses row! what a complete mess!

Today I would like to share with you 2 pictures showing everything that is wrong with ! πŸ™„

Please leave a reply how a user without cristall balls shall select the proper encryption key and why the User has to do so anyway.

my onemix 3s is almost working. config sync is done already.

I am really sloppy lately. I forgot to git commit -a && git push when I left home! again!

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