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ooohh yeah if you start lxc-attach on fedora your shell does not have /bin in its path. which you moght notice as soon as the container is debian. πŸ™„

PS: I can strongly recommend those showers on the campsite! Location is on the camper area that zou can reach through Hall 2 in the middle of the campsite you turn right and go roughly one hall. The Campingsite desk is happy to receive 10 Euros per person.

Arrival postponed. I have an unforseen family matter here!

Did you know about the :terminal command? You can open a terminal within one of vim's windows, to do things.

good morning feediverse by the way, grab a and fasten we expect a bumpy ride!😁😎

: How does this handle to query the breaches databases query without getting my browser history? The page is incredibly silent regarding that topic! πŸ™„

Good Morning grab a everyone Happy Christmas Eve, only 3 Days left till

i mean how they bought a cheap chinese tablet display+mainboard unit, soldered on that extra wire to toggle the power button! hilarious! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

plustek escan, does not turn on anymore. its hardware is... wow! πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

That freeipa service container I am working on will be one of the more tricky ones I guess.

wow debian bullseye has opensmtpd 6.6 included

Can we make some penalty for insane sshd defaults? I don't want to fix basic settings almost everywhere I go.

How is that Idea: making firefox highlight the number combination 777 in red with a big exclamation mark without the option of that being overridden by css?

I just built my first in years! More will come soon.

new id card ordered in 45 min including the way to the administrative building. i do love my home village!

ahhhhwwww, good old germany! I can't believe that i missed its food so much! 🌭

I am not entirely sure if that growing in grounds will survive but it is worth a try! 😁😎

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