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Am I getting crazy? There are files in the release tars that are not not in the git repository.

router config counts 29 network interfaces already, but the number is still increasing. It seems that I am always taking on the complex stuff.

I set up my first complete silverblue desktop, it took a while to adjust all the small settings I have made. I am very pleased with it, and hope it will run reasonably relieable on many machines.

it is so sad that this always works! 🙄

as usual I do a "find / -type f -perm -o+w" to see where the previous moron has installed that thing! 🙊 🙉 🙈

Those moments when you realize that a potential software is using another templating engine that you didn't know anything about yet.

this VM is using 45 M of memory which is half of what it used before I copied it over, I should probably consider serial consoles as space saver in my other cloud/virtual setups, too. 🤔

I definitely need faster internet, 2.6 MB/s while pushing a small Virtual disc on a server is no fun. 🤔 ☕

Good morning everyone, I am having a and do my first practical steps in CoreOS. How are you doing?

And I just learned another Important lesson, when you use random e-mail addresses, take a note where it was used, or you will have no idea who leaked it, when you start getting spam on it.

Uargh, I just discovered that for some reason gitlabs pipeline checkouts are chmod a+rw and of course I waved that permission into one of my containers. I would not be surprised if this is caused by a bug I reported a while ago where the runner has a shellscript doing strange things, but "NO" they said, "It is OK" they said! 🙊 🙉 🙈

Fun Fact: There is no such thing like "ldaps://..." ! 😂 😅 🤣 🙈 🙊 🙉

That git cherry picking was really easy, I never had to use that before! 😎

Do we have any geeks around? Is there a way to build Jenkinsfile using the maven Metadata Plugin but in the perameters{} section in front of the Jenkinsfile instead of loading it via script{} during a step{} ? I think it should be possible to do call in other classes for a parametrized build because it is done that way when you klick together a freestyle pipeline. Any Ideas?

My podman container framework podman-tools is finally serving its first application! 2 Days of debugging work with all downs like: wrong design, wrong understanding of what a pod is. Broken build container and so on.

Things I cant do with podman:

* connecting to the published port of another pod or container, unless it hat slirp4netns
* using slirp4netns if you launch a pod as root

🙈 🙊 🙉

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