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here is the repository to my new git subgit command, its all work in progress of course

I could not hold it anymore and wrote git subgit (useable as yadm subgit, too) which is much easier to use as submodules with 81+ different git projects cloned. It needs a bit more testing and a license.... I will release in a few days.

Waaahhh.... how can an awesome software like git have such an awful extension like submodule? I think I might go writing my own implementation, dealing with the problems of submodule is too time consuming!

Moria burns!!! it is so super sad! 馃槪馃檮馃槬馃槬

wow! I just read about that electrum bug. just wow! 馃檮

conesphere is back online! a harddisk died on friday morning and decided to take the storage with it. I will probably have to redesign that part as smaller volumes will probably load faster in and are less likely to fail.

assume you have 9 teststages, how hard can it be to try out a change for production on the stage called hotfix before you apply it?

Reminder for all my friends who live in vienna: please support the list for "kultur umwelt rechtsstaat zukunft", or in short Liste KURZ to be available on the Vienna Election 2020

馃 馃ぃ 2 sundays without internet in Dresden, from the Chapter: be careful for what you vote! 馃槀 馃ぃ 馃榾 馃槑

Ah good morning! 2nd action of the day, rebuild the secondary mailserver, as it did not survive yesterdays storage crash.

Am I getting crazy? There are files in the release tars that are not not in the git repository.

router config counts 29 network interfaces already, but the number is still increasing. It seems that I am always taking on the complex stuff.

I set up my first complete silverblue desktop, it took a while to adjust all the small settings I have made. I am very pleased with it, and hope it will run reasonably relieable on many machines.

it is so sad that this always works! 馃檮

as usual I do a "find / -type f -perm -o+w" to see where the previous moron has installed that thing! 馃檴 馃檳 馃檲

Those moments when you realize that a potential software is using another templating engine that you didn't know anything about yet.

this VM is using 45 M of memory which is half of what it used before I copied it over, I should probably consider serial consoles as space saver in my other cloud/virtual setups, too. 馃

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