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It looks like if I need more selinux experience. That thing is making my services fail unexpectedly.

Good Morning Feediverse. Grab a ☕ and have an nice day today... 👨‍💻 is proudly running via podman-tools/podman/coreos now. :) I do like that setup on small scaled and standalone servers.

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Hmmm ok this instance is looking as if it is running again on its new home. I probably still have to do some adjustments to the containers soon but for the moment it works for me.

Upgraded to mastodon 3.2.2
I have to do a server migration tomorrow, too i guess.

the fix is already in staging.😎 thank you guys you are doing awesome work!

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Hmmm, I wonder if specializing in build system security might be a thing.

Phew! This is such a moment when your stomach hurts badly. A moment when you realize that it was the right decision to forbid TCP/80 on all gitlab-runner boxes, and the question starts to think in: "Who else might be accidentally pulling libraries for @cryptpad via http because of insane git defaults?"

I am considering to use the upcoming days for a 30km kajak "season ending" tour.

tbh, i did not sit in a kajak for 10+ years now. I want to start doing some tours again, as I desperately need to get away from my apartment walls.

is there any option for lightning talks on ? i could not find anything yet.

hmmm i could take my chance this evening and upgrade this mastodon instance.... automated upgrade was stuck due to crappy container framework.

by the way i am in austria using the german corona warning app, as the austrian one is not available on my phone. 🙄

Hmmmm, I wonder if maybe I should block sign up from all IPv4 addresses.

Ouch! This might be interesting... As a matter of fact I do operate a project has the exact need of staying Redhat compatible. If that project is moving towards Stream then fine otherwise it will get very interesting soon. is back! bravely hosted with coreOS/podman/podman-tools now. If nothing kicks back in the next few hours that integration went really really smooth! 😎

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refined of podman_tools I hope i covered all necessary features there.

image-tool can now crawl through all your pod/container definitions, look which one is running, looks for any upgrades, and apply those.

wahhhhhh! why do I have to fix each and every container i come along feature wise? is it so hard to understand:

Do not give the unprivileged user write access to its own binaries!

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