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As the "Black Pearl" was owned by Captain Sparrow so the "Sea Monkey" was owned by Captain Threepwood.

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I plan for my two seater to become the "Black Pearl" soon therefor "Sea Monkey" would perfectly fit the naming scheme.

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If I name my Kajak "Sea Monkey"...

I am 😲 ! In Vienna there are 1.911.191 people of which only 675.522 have registered for vaccination! Why? you lazy bastards! 🙈 🙊 🙉

I finally received my new set of nose drills! 20 drills for abt. 77 Euro. I could not resist, especially as tests are not covered in my health plan.

I wonder: why haven't they just made an option on vaccination signup. That is one damn bit in the dataset giving the choice to the people.

The german governmend wants to extend local production to become "more dependent on imports" ! 😁😂🤣

uuuuuhhhh, spacex is crashlanding sn10 in 10 minutes from now!😋😊😁😎😍😘🤩

Has anyone of you succeeded in mounting this bicycle trailer mount on the trailer shown in the upper right photo as advertised? It looks a bit complicated! 🤔 😂

Damn! I bought another one! It is a two seater. The skin is gone but price and frame was in a range where ordering a brand new exchange skin makes sense.

Does anyone want to join me at an easter kajak tour? 1 week Allier river maybe? I can organize some boats if needed.

We will respect the covid-19 infection situation of course, I hope it is better in April, with more people vaccinated and warmer weather, and I expect only 1 or 2 people anyway.

I will probably add a file permission scanner into podman-tools which shuts down, or changes any chmod 666 and 777 permissions within a container before running them. I mean, how hard can it be? 🤔

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In todays episode of "fun with ":

While modifying an image because ssh login is not working I found out that sshd_config and some other files are chmod 666.

It is worth mentioning that gitlab-ci checkouts are chmod 666 and developers will forget about that!

It is also worth mentioning that I reported the gitlab-runner script doing that as a security risk 2 years ago!

🙈 🙊 🙉

Those Klepper boat trailers (the old ones with feather suspension and ball bearing) are worth gold.

My dad refitted this one with 8 1/2 x 2 1/4 tube tires including a different rims (I think from a children carry or so), a mod which was common 50 years ago. Those trailers originally came with slim full rubber tires, I have both versions at hand, the tube tire refit is the better option when you carry your gear with it.

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The boat took a little bit to much water even for the weather conditions. probably another small puncture or bad glue. buy cheap, buy twice 😉 .

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The tour ended at a wall... time to tear down. The worst is to fix the hull to the washboard as the temperatures stiff out the material.

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