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by the way, it makes sense to control the border if travelers are vaccinated. what makes absolutely no sense is to let fully packed trains pass through any border without further control.

The whole code should parse a set of config files but it turns out I need a set of options accessable via an associative array.

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Wow, I guess there really is no better way to return an associated array from a function or subshell in bash! πŸ™„

I should probably describe my project with: "Written im pure obfuscated Bash! Obfuscation is not intentional but its impossible to write pure Bash which is not obfuscated."

that spreadskirt ring turned out to be more complicated than expected. also my tools are not well sized but i guess its useable.

new spreadskirt is evolving.... why do i always buy such old things?

I guess I may have to learn to _Go_ in my β˜• break! I need to fix some things!

yeah hydra is definitely alive. openid login for nextcloud is implemented.

now some random cleanup and next app is gitlab probably!

uuuuuuuuhhhhh, I think the hydra is waking up!

is it just me being stupid or is it really impossible to set a value to ", with this go csv encoder? That Idea looks a bit broken to me. πŸ€” β˜•

I am working on integration of a stunning list of non tracking foss web applications:

searx search engine
central account registration.
big blue button
sftp backup up to 8TB per account

Basically everything one might need without trackers, and on bare metal in europe! Test users welcome, pse pn! Expect service outages during test. ;-)

I had another "Why the F.... have they done that?" that I cant keep for myself:


BASEDIR="`dirname $0`"
cd - > /dev/null
"$DIR/" -main org.someclass "$@"

And now, todays evening fun:

gitlab-pages stopped working suddenly, one week after I initially managed to set it up. πŸ™„

And the best: it is running in an omnibus container so no systemd involved here. πŸ€”

after recently sold my phone number to an online marketing company (again) I started using "yet another call blocker" app which turns out to block calls resonably well.

there is a "lucia app" on f-droid! πŸ€”πŸ˜²

Today I learned that there are people prefering over because zoom is: "less complicated"!

I am very confused now about people and the meaning of "complicated". Nothing adds up!

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