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I just bought a GoPro, I hope it is worth its money makes reasonably good videos and does not drown on first use.

that moment when you find your other two vaccination certificate books, in an old locker, and ask why you made a third one.... priceless! i have too much stuff!

Ahhh every half of a year I get pulled into a call with panicking managers and helpline workers after a software release as users complain about missing buttons and I always ask the same question: "Have you asked the user to delete the browser cache yet?"

ahhhhhwwwwww! it is always so beautiful when you figure out that your redundant storage has lost an important database right before you figure out that you have backed up the export log instead of the database export! 😕😲🤯😬


I hate that feeling when you realize that you have sold your car to cheap. It is still a good deal though I guess.

vaccination center vienna is starting to send out appointments for 3rd vaccinations in january/february. 😎

I wonder what those german vaccination centers are doing at the moment! 🤔🙈🙉🙊

What has -viewer / -manager to do with Nextcloud?

Each time I open a vm in virt-manager nextcloud client complains that it has no account configured. I was not able to find any relation to that feature in the docs.

Does anyone know?

chrome is setting 2 times as many cookies as firefox! thats an info

This moment when I realize: I have to clean up my apartment. It is now!

Cite of the day from my favorite kayak skin manufacturer: "I am doing this since 2004 and no one has ever requested a standing seam!" 🤣 🤣 🤣 He is going to check it out and I know at least one other guy who can definitely produce standing seams. 😎

Austrian politics 

I wonder, what might have been the questions and answers in those 2016 public opinion polls ordered and paid by the Austrian government?

"Who would you vote at the next election?"

"Sorry for each party not mentioned there are only 4 fields allowed on this instance. The results will released soon."

Good morning feediverse! have a ☕ and a good day!

I found this on Saturday.

Unfortunately everything that should have been in the skin package is missing like ribs the seat and the aluminium spread skirt mount and the skin itself.

I am thinking for days how and if I might be able to rebuild ribs and seat to get it on the water again.

Unfortunately it is not one of those GESA eski's I am looking for but the slalom 58 model, and it is also not yet finally mine.

Making Of "Flyerservice Hahn GmbH" (in German)

The ZPS, a German arts group, has has created a fake company to distribute flyers, managed to get 5 million flyers and merchandising material from the far right german party AFD and then "failed" to distribute all of it before the election! 🤣 🤣 🤣

German Politics` 

Dear media, can you please stop saying that the is "competent with immigration topics"? They are not!

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