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Got an original Klepper T9 Stickbag in reasonably good shape, however it does need some immediate cleaning. 🙂

And I did figure out where some of the rib templates of those went after the company closed down. They are currently sold to a collector in Germany. Press thumbs that I get a visit in 2nd half of 2022.

I upgraded my SD Card capacity from 628 GB to 1628 GB It could be possible that I have to do something on hdd as well to cut my films at some point.

it was a nice training. that spot is awesome for just being there. I will probably use it more frequently.

Having to wait 20 min. This time the train has new wagons with a big bicycle/wheelchair space and leveled doors. Being able to transport things on trains is key for sustainable mobility in the future.

On my way to the Klosterneuburger Durchstich (puncture/stitch) waterlevels should be good. I hope I can have some fun there.

Good morning tootles!

I think I should incorporate the part when I collect a bag of waste into my tour videos. I always try leaving the places I have been cleaner than before.

sport single seater (as far as I know) beautiful boat the frame is complete but not in the best shape. It is a lot of work an since my 58 also needs some work, I am happy that my only action with this is to bring it to a meetup at the end of may amd hopefully be able to take a few shots of the restored thing in a year or two.

Hmmm, ok plan through the easter days is the following: Either Tagliamento or PO (in Italy) depending on the Water levels.

I am still looking for someone to join me. (about 4-5 days)

I lost my GoPro batteries a week ago. Of course I found the pack 2 hours after I ordered a new one.

by the way, has anyone realized that the password to viennas pcr test service are stored in clear text? 🙈🙉🙊

Guess what this is... I have recovered it for a friend. It will probably help me getting a my own project on the go. 😎

Good Morning! Have a nice day! 😎 ☕

I found some money on my bank account. how awesome.

write bugreport to mastodon that #🙈 🙊 🙉 can't be used.

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fixing monitoring playbooks. #🙈 🙊 🙉

Dah, I always wanted this GESA Drau Kayak since my dad sold his. Now there is one for sale

It is heavily overprices as it is a colectors item, but worse of all I cant afford 1900 Euro at the moment! 🙄

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